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I try but look

its difficult


did you do it

on your own?


is it paint?

or is it inc?


Like are those icebergs?

on your breasts?


I like the thawing state of each

the climate is at risk


I like the plunging parts and cracks

the ocean which they hit


sending thousands

of bubbles up


surface bound

and about to burst


which is to say

here’s what’s coming


when it comes to consequence

there is much to explore


if its your core

wave upon wave the colour of hell


if its your arms

rivers run dry


if its your bush

a fire gone wild


if I close my eyes

a tenderness comes to mind


like that

of a belly


I’ve never touched

a skin like that


I’ve never touched

a skin that black


though I’ve

wanted to


I like the dash

between your tits


the statements

under each


the naked truth

hits this bar


cunt with cause

makes men hard


Once, my mother closed her eyes

and all the candles burned out


I tried to open mine

but could barely see


what was right

in front of me


an ice cold beer



or an



the same sort my father used to throw at me

when I stood in his way


My mother closed her eyes

and all the candles burned out


my brother hid his eyes in his palms

as if death made life too bright


Outside my window

falls little raindrops


outside yours

the storm’s already here


in the world beyond my perception

there are other perceptions


Look I lie

look its love


look there’s much

you don’t need to know


I’m a child

of the church



of privelege


I’m usually found

to throw my voice


on white flags

on symbolics


between silence and speech

I ride the bubbles to the beach


which makes me feel small

which makes me want to change

which makes me too

to want to roll my sleeves up

and stand for something

the way I stand now

with one hand out

as if we were to dance

and if we were to dance

where do I look?

in your eyes?

and where do I

put my hands?


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