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Odin (37) is a norwegian-grammy winning artist, composer, musician, music-video maker and a record producer.

Odin aspires a style that resists style.

«it feels as if it is written by hand, if you know what I mean» (VG)

«a very special debut»


«mellom husene blows the horizon on how to listen to pop music, and the understanding

of what pop is supposed to be»


is some of the feedback he got for his debut album.


His second solo album, “Sillajass”, came out in 2020.

The album received unanimous brilliant reviews. The critics pointed out the records ability to be both unique and commerce at the same time.

In february 2023 Odin released “Hoohahs and cat calls”, together with norwegian Blues legend Bjørn Berge.

The album is his first work in English.

Hoohahs and cat calls received stellar reviews.

Odin's work has earned him a norwegian grammy, as well as 4 nominations to the Norwegian grammys (Spellemannsprisen). He also received a nomination to the Norwegian short film festival in Grimstad for the music videos  “I stedet for punktum et hjerta” in 2021 and for "Bullet dance" in 2023. He wrote and directed both of them.

Odin is a solo artist, a composer for theater plays, and a member of the famous Norwegian folk pop band Vamp. Odin has made music for and with them since 2004. He started touring with Vamp in 2008. Odin produced Vamps last four albums. He also produces his own albums, as well as music for others since 2011.

Odin is due to be on the norwegian music TV-program

"Hver gang vi møtes" in January 2024.

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